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From distress to hope: Victory over Diabetes


Where life everyday poses significant challenges for a person with diabetes, DC Care Transform stands as the guiding light of hope and determination, leading them towards optimism and purpose. Read more to know about its impact. 

In life’s unpredictable journey, hope becomes our guiding light, fueling our unwavering determination to overcome challenges. Diabetes, a challenge affecting the lives of 101 million Indians, is one such challenge that needs to be conquered.

Globally, a growing body of evidence indicates that individuals can attain diabetes remission, i.e., the restoration of blood sugars to normal levels without the need for medications. This transformative outcome is increasingly associated with the adoption of positive and healthy dietary changes, physical activity, and resultant weight loss. 

Transform by DC Care is one such program that has so far helped thousands of patients alleviate their diabetes burden. This is a 6-month program developed in collaboration with medical experts from the NHS, U.K., and adapted for the Indian population based on evidence from the DIRECT trial. Transform integrates technology and a multidisciplinary team (MDT) approach to foster lasting changes in habits and behaviours.

“I joined Transform as the last resort, after experiencing severe renal failure,” said 54-year-old Arvind who had joined Transform after his HbA1C levels had shot up to 12.5, while blood sugar levels were approaching 400 despite taking insulin four times a day. 

Arvind’s journey reflects the saying that troubles don’t arrive alone; they often come in pairs. Just when he was grappling with the challenges of diabetes, his wife was simultaneously battling cancer. This was an incredibly trying period where to take care of his wife, Arvind had to prioritise his health.   

Amidst this critical situation, Arvind made the life-changing decision to join DC Care Transform. Initially, adapting to new lifestyle changes, and especially portion control was a significant challenge for him. Reflecting on that period, Arvind shared, “The situation was distressing. I wasn’t keen on constant monitoring, and following a consistent diet became tiresome. But DC Care Transform breathed new life into me, gradually reduced my medication and insulin dosages, introduced vital changes to my lifestyle habits, and rekindled my hope for a better life.”

Arvind’s motivation soared as he witnessed a remarkable drop in his blood sugar levels, with his HbA1C falling to 6.8. He expressed, “Words can’t capture the excitement I felt at that moment. It was the turning point that drove me to take up walking, and now I’ve incorporated morning and evening walks into my daily schedule. I feel remarkably active, and the sensation is truly incredible.”

For Arvind, staying fit wasn’t just a personal goal rather a necessity to be the support system for his wife. While Arvind’s inspiring journey of battling diabetes was intricately woven with the commitment to be the anchor his wife could lean on, 32-year-old Sonakshi’s perception of diabetes was a merger of alarm mixed with fear. 

“My mother was a diabetic patient, and I have witnessed her suffering. So, when I started experiencing constant fatigue, and hair loss, the symptoms served as a red flag, and post getting done with a full-body check-up, my HBA1c levels revealed a significant spike of around 13.1,” she said. 

Sonakshi’s perception of diabetes was still shrouded by the idea of thriving on boring, sugar-free food. Thus, in the search for an alternative she joined Transform, and she realised that this was her life’s turning point. 

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